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    Vertak Infra Projects, is a vibrant and dynamic real estate development company with expanding interests in commercial, retail and residential real estate. Readmore
    We welcome you at AJANTA GEMS with vivacious collection of gems and jewelry, we specialize in sourcing jewelry of best grade to our clients. Readmore
    Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
    As a responsible Corporate, Amritdhara is aware of its responsibility in Water Management and understand very well, If the Rural India is Healthy and Fit, India will be Vibrant Nation. Readmore
Here in VERTAK GROUP 'Be Fair and Be Honest' is our motto and we follow the same in all our business practices.
Awesome Premium Quality, Incredible Products Options and Much More...

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Gems & Jewellery
Mining & Minerals
Water Project
Corporate Construction
Super Fine Mines And Minerals Pvt Ltd
Garment & Textile

Welcome to our orgniazation

VERTAK GROUP having its main area of business Infrastructure and Gems & Jwellery . Since its inception in September, 2008.

The top level management of the group is a highly professional, qualified and experienced team in the said field of business with background of working in the leading multinational companies.

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Company At a Glance

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Mission Statement

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Our Mission
The mission statement of the group centers on achieving Complete Customer Satisfaction by delivering the expectedvalue to the clients each time with our products and services.


Our Vision
The vision statement of the group sheds light on a futuristic outlook which has been the main driving force behind this commendable growth achieved by it through these years.
Mauris Before we determine to introduce a new product, we undertake extensive research from both the marketing and manufacturing perspectives.


Qualitey product-Qualitey service

Our Company

Vertak Group is driven by professional value like high-level of operational efficiency

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  • Email Id : kktak@vertakgroup.com
  • Website : www.vertakgroup.com

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